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Det kom ett brev från min kära väninna Helena i Florida. Naturligtvis vill jag dela med mig av hennes tankar. Vi behöver läsa – om och om igen – hur vi skall förhålla oss till den verklighet som ibland ter sig mer och mer overklig!

Hoppas att det är OK att det är på engelska!

Newsletter May 2020  

     Hello Friends,
     This is a world of so many surprises. We see them every day, one after the other. And I was just wondering, are these happenings really surprises? Maybe they are not surprises at all – only the process of cause and effect.
     Cause and effect is the way of nature, or shall I say this is the way the Universe works. The principle is very basic and easily understood: What you plant in the soil determines what you later will see growing out of the ground. So in fact no surprise is an actual surprise at all- only the result of our actions. So now we have to go back to the beginning and remember what seed to put in the ground because it will determine the outcome of our lives…And the seeds can be such a thing as our feelings, thoughts and the ideas we create in our mind. Meaning each one of us is so much more in charge of our life than we ever imagined before.          When you experience that excitement of doing something you really, really like doing you’ll will be invincible. Your heart will be filled with enthusiasm and conviction, and you’ll move forward full of both purpose and determination. Things become more fun, and when you have joy, new ideas and inspiration are coming your way.           Everything goes back to how you have chosen to begin. The good thing is, you can change course if you noticed you have planted the wrong seed, and start all over again with a new seed, sometimes something completely different, you didn’t even know existed before. It might require a little more work to start all over again, but because of the change, the Universe might give you a helpful kick forward and you’ll reach your goal sooner than you thought before.          I like to speak in metaphors, but somehow they always fit in. It seems we are all traveling on a ship across a stormy ocean where big waves are making us bounce back and forth all over the place and we keep on getting off course delaying our main direction. This is how many get confused.
     First thing, decide that tough times are only temporary, because who wants to stay without direction and difficult times for too long. It is not natural!! And then, in all this, look for a hidden message for us, a message that makes us realize more than ever, who we are and how we can move forward. When we allow our problems to let us down we are breaking the first commandment of the Light. Meaning: Always put the Light first, don’t allow the darkness to take over your day.
     This means always put first what you really, really want: The healthy and positive, success, love, truth and all those things that make you feel good in your heart, allowing NO darkness to run your life.
     And what is the darkness? The answer is: The negative thoughts and actions that block us from stepping forward, lack of joy, our doubt and fear. Instead: When those feelings of lack and fear take over your mind, let your inner Light shine. Your mind is an incredibly powerful machinery that can move you forward in an instant, once you begin to program it for success. The decision is all yours, what you wish for, when and where to start.
     I’m saying nothing new, but this is super great information when you care to follow up on it. It doesn’t matter how many times you have heard it – you simply don’t know it until YOU DO it. It’s like riding a bicycle. You cannot get anywhere until you are actually using the pedals yourself. You’ll also notice, that as you move forward, the key to everything is to stay in balance – or you might fall.
     This letter is based on the many calls I have received during the past couple of months. I am available as usual over Skype or the telephone for private one-on-ones. It is not that easy to travel right now, so for the time being, I’ll stay in hot-hot Florida.
Wishing you the very best during this time of reflection,
Helena Margareta(Rev. Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn)
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