Eckart Tolle Guided Meditation

Jag hittar så fina hjälpmedel på you-tube för att finna mitt inre lugn i denna omvälvande tid, som vi alla befinner oss i. En av dem som jag älskar att lyssna på är Eckart Tolle – och jag vill gärna dela med mig av hans guidade meditation till er – mina kära blogg-läsare. Hoppas ni tycker att det är OK med engelskan. Var rädda om er! Älskar att höra era tankar. På så sätt kan vi hjälpa varandra – ge varandra stöd och support.

Varsågod att lyssna på Eckart!

Eckart delar med sig av ett citat från William Shakespeare : Nothing is either good or bad – but your thinking is!

Med garanterat Corona-fria kramar till er alla!


Goda råd i dessa tider – och alltid!

Mind, Body, Soul: Why working out is the resolution you need to make.

Mind, body and soul: It’s an interesting triangle. If one is neglected, the others suffer too. As January is the time for resolutions, this trio seems like a good thing to focus on for 2020. But where do you start, and why is exercise the answer? We asked Mark Bartlett, Nu Skin’s VP of Global Research & Development and all-round fitness fanatic, to tell us. Here’s what he had to say.

We’ve all felt a little overwhelmed at times. Stressed, burned out, overworked and overstimulated. It’s a big challenge facing our society. Work doesn’t end when we leave the office. Everything is right now and on demand. It’s a barrage of lights, sounds, adverts, and notifications, 24/7. Our brains just aren’t built for this.

It’s simple evolution.

That’s because, for 100,000 years or so, we lived to hunt and gather, evolving to meet certain needs or face dangers that just don’t exist anymore. Instead of roaming the wild, we spend our days sitting behind a desk, walking 10,000 fewer steps each day than we did way back when. Of course, that doesn’t stop us craving a bit of comfort food or putting our feet up – a throwback to our ancient need of hoarding calories. We’re social creatures by nature, but these days we rarely talk face to face – in some cultures striking up a conversation with a stranger is unheard of!

Understandably, these things have a negative impact on mind, body and soul – we’re simply not providing what they’re programmed to need.  

‘Walking is man’s best medicine’ -Hippocrates

walking 2.jfif

Getting our bodies moving again can help fix that. If we want to feel young, fit and healthy, getting plenty of regular exercise is a must. Whether it’s a morning walk with the dog, a good run to clear the head, biking to work, or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator, reconnecting with that primal part of our brain that always wants us to be on the move is a sure way to help us stay in shape, look good, and feel even better.

The magic of exercise.

But that’s just part of the reason exercise is so important. Not only can going for a run a few times a week help keep us in shape physically, it can do a lot for our mental well-being as well. You might not know it, but regular exercise can make us feel happier, potentially improve our memory and attentiveness, and even make us more creative! To some, this may seem hard to believe – we think of running as exhausting, and hard work, or something to avoid. But our brain might think otherwise – you’re not running a marathon, you’re running for your life, to find food or a new place to settle. You’ll need all that memory, attentiveness and creativity to survive.

So, what can we do?

It’s simple, really. The best thing we can do is offer our brain more of what it needs and less of what it doesn’t.

  • Get regular physical exercise: A run, a gym session, a ball game in the park.
  • Get a good night’s sleep: Go to bed early, switch off the electronics and try to relax.
  • Eat healthily: Drop the comfort food or sub it out for a healthy snack.
  • Get regular social interaction: You know, the real-life, face-to-face stuff.

Like all things, it can be difficult to start – so why not begin with something you enjoy? Walking, running, dancing, swimming, you name it! Do what you love, and getting your body moving will never be a chore. Other than that, it’s all about finding the right tools and motivation. We can support a balanced diet with useful supplements like vitamins and minerals, things to help us sleep, maintain healthy bones, or something to keep us energised. We can turn to exercise programmes for a little help with things like recipes, exercises, and even lifestyle tips. We can start this journey with a friend, a group of colleagues or a business partner, if you like, and support each other – just like that, we’ve crossed off some of our social needs, as well!

But if you’re thinking that this all begins with the horror of a 5k run, don’t worry – there are small things you can do in the comfort of your own home that are just as helpful and are a great place to start.

Do it at home!

  • Change your sheets regularly. Nothing feels better than sinking into a freshly made bed.
  • No more phones at night! Charge your phone in the living room and rely on a good old-fashioned alarm clock.

Do it during work!

  • Take a break! Mindfulness and yoga are things you can work on wherever you spend your office hours, sometimes without even leaving your chair. You’ll find plenty of chair yoga tutorials online – give it a go!
  • Move around! Have a standing meeting, take a walk over lunchtime, or, if you’re feeling particularly innovative, modernise your office by investing in something new like a standing desk!

Do it together!

  • Start connecting! Put the phones face down over dinner, say hello, goodbye and thank you – the small things go a long way.
  • Get to know each other! Conversation is the best way to really get to know someone. Family, friends, colleagues, you name it – try it in fun ways and make a game of it.

Mark Bartlett

Vice President of Global Research & Development, Nu Skin

Tack, tack, tack – säger jag till Mark, som jag träffat några gånger på Nu Skin Seminars. Jag älskar att vara medlem av ”The Nu Skin Family”! Och att få vara En God Kraft i Världen.

Make the move with us

Interesting stuff, right? A huge thank you to Mark from all of us! If you enjoyed that, make sure to pop back each month as we’ll return with regular posts featuring input from experts in healthy living for mind, body and soul. We’d love you to join us for a series of challenges throughout 2020 that we hope helps everybody give their brains and bodies the juicy buzz they’re crying out for. Let’s do it!

Tvätta händerna – så du blir riktigt ren!

Sedan 11 år tillbaka har jag använt produkter från Nu Skin; för mitt ansikte, min kropp, mitt hår och för min insida i form av vitaminer.

Nu i dessa tider då vi skall tvätta händerna ofta är det naturligtvis extra viktigt att vi använder produkter som inte torkar ut. Och som återfuktar händerna efter tvätten.

Häromdagen fick Pernilla packa upp ett paket hemma på Lidingö som jag hade beställt till henne från Nu Skin. Jag befinner mig i karantän i Spanien, men det hindrar mig inte att kunna arbeta online med min Nu Skin-business.

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Jag är så glad att jag kan hjälpa andra människor att

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Nu Skin

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