Dag 24. Louise Hay.

I dag – den 30:e Augusti 2017 lämnade Louise Hay jordelivet. Hon blev 91 år. Louise var en ikon och en stor förebild för många och hon betydde mycket för människor som söker en meningsfull tillvaro och en positiv livs-syn. För mig personligen har hennes affirmationer och meditationer hjälpt mig vid många olika tillfällen i livet.

Det här skrev Louise när hon skulle fylla 87 år:

Hello Dear ones!

I´m going to be 87 next week. I choose to see my life moving in different directions, all of them equally good. Some things are even better now than the way they were in my youth. My younger years were filled with fear,  my todays are filled with confidence.

My own life really didn´t begin to have meaning until I was in my mid-40s. At the age of 50, I began my writing career on a very small scale. The first year I made a profit of 42dollar. At 55, I ventured into the world of computers. They scared me, but I took classes and overcame the fear.. Today I have three computers and travel with my IPad and IPhone everywhere. Åt 60 I had my first garden. At this same time I enrolled in a children´s art class and began to paint. At 70 and 80, I was more creative and  my life continues to get richer and fuller.

I still write, I lecture, I teach through my actions, I am constantly reading and studying. I own a very successful publishing company and have two non-profits. I´m a dedicated organic gardener. I grow most of my own food, I love people and parties. I have many loving friends. I travel extensively. I also am still painting and taking classes. My life has really become a treasure chest of experiences.

I want to help you create a conscious idea of your later years, to help you realize that these can be the most rewarding years of your life. Know that your future is always bright, no matter your age. See your later years becoming a treasure years.

Instead of just getting old and giving up and dying, let´s learn to make  a huge contribution to life. We have the time. we have the knowledge, and we have the wisdom to move out into the world with love and power.

Step forward, use your voice, get out in the world, and LIVE!


Louise Hay.Louise L Hay - my guru 

Vila i frid Louise!

Louise L Hay


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